Psycho-Sexual Counselling Course

We are all looking for love and affection in one form or another. As adults, that love also includes sexual gratification and physicality. Sometimes, what we want and what we get doesn’t match up, or there is a problem between two people. Relationships should be seen as a partnership and as such, there should be compromise if one party is more demanding than the other. This can lead to unhappiness, bitterness, anger and resentment. It is in these cases where a third party can sometimes help to work out the issues and the pathways to a happier and more fuilfilling relationship. It could be that the issues stem from a past experience which is affecting their current relationship or an ongoing problem that needs to be dealt with so that happiness can be restored.

I have recently completed a psycho-sexual therapy course which covers all aspects of sexual health and issues, covering subjects such as abuse, relationship issues, extra-marital affairs, frigidity and premature ejaculation. As my thesis for this qualification, I submitted work undetaken with my clients involved in the BDSM fetish world and how sometimes it can be an abuse of power and or trust.

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