Where do I start? Lyn has been counselling me for a few months. I have never felt so good as I do now. I contacted Lyn with numerous problems; health anxiety, no self worth, constantly feeling guilty even if it wasn’t my fault and most of all being a people pleaser. Family and friends can not believe the difference in me, I am dealing with day to day things with no guilt and not stressing about what I have no control over. For me learning to say no to people is an amazing feeling, because I don’t stress about people thinking bad if I say no. Lyn has made me feel so at ease, I can talk to her about things and not feel judged by others. I look forward to our meetings because she helps me go through stuff, and make it all clear in my head. I now don’t burst into tears at the slightest problem because I now know how to deal with it. Although I feel great I will continue to see Lyn once every few weeks to keep on top of things. I honestly can not thank you enough for making me feel so good. Definitely take the step if things are getting on top of you, I have and its the best decision I have made.