Challenge of the Day

Today’s Challenge of the Day is….to compliment others, say something nice about them and watch their reaction. You’ll also notice that you feel happier in doing so.  I know it feels strange, going up to a total stranger and saying something nice with a smile and walking away, but it really does boost their self-esteem and strangely enough makes you feel amazing too. I do it all the time, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  Try saying “Great outfit, you look lovely” or “Amazing hair, you’re gorgeous” or “I’m loving your shoes, so stylish”
The immediate reaction will be shock, that a total stranger has complimented them and then they will smile. See how they walk away a little taller, feeling happier and more confident. And you too will feel good, knowing you’ve changed someone’s day. It might be the thing that makes all the difference to someone else’s life. Try it today and watch the benefits.
Tell me how you get on!
For more help with boosting your confidence and self-esteem, come and see me for some helpful hypnotherapy and/or counselling.

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